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Insights into Key Regulations Shaping the Future

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Increased Regulations in digitalized world

Within the past couple of decades, topics like financial fraud, market concentration, online marketing and AI have fostered digital regulation around the globe. The EU has been at the frontier of this development with regulation like AML and KYC, GDPR, AI Act, Data act, Digital Markets Act, Digital Markets Act, NIS2, DORA and Cyber Resilience ActThese regulatory packages addresses some of the bigger challenges we all face with in an increasing digitalized world.

From the perspective of designing digital infrastructure many of these regulatory requirements match the basic foundational objectives in the Partisia infrastructure. Hence the below challenges can be solved directly:

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  • How to avoid and protect against financial fraud throughout the digital ecosystem?

  • How to remain in control of confidential data as an individual as well as an organization?

  • How to avoid being dependent on a single service provider and a single jurisdiction?

  • How to create transparency and accountability around the way data is used?


  • AML and KYC checks can be conducted confidential and provable captured on an immutable ledger for ease of use

  • Individuals and organizations can share the use their confidential data without sharing or exposing the data it self

  • Organizations can easily move across jurisdictions and avoid being dependent on single service provider

  • The use of data and AI can be transparent and provable captured on an immutable ledger

Our tech platform is built to match the many new regulatory requirements

Many new regulatory packages deal with basic properties of an ideal digital infrastructure, which has been the overarching principle throughout the design of our tech platform.

Ivan Damgård, Professor Chief Cryptographer, Partner
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Partisia a future-proof compliant infrastructure

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The built-in



  • GDPR

  • Antitrust

  • CCPA (California)

  • APPI (Japan)

  • LGPD (Brazil)

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The built-in



  • KYC and AML

  • AI Act

  • Data Act

  • Digital Market Act

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The built-in



  • Schrems II

  • NIS2

  • DORA

  • Cyber Resilience Act

  • Financial Data Access


In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Partisia Infrastructure is a future-proof compliant infrastructure addressing the broader landscape of regulatory packages by solving the very basic objectives of an ideal digital infrastructure; confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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