Quantum Computing

We provide and continuously extend a quantum-proof platform for secure use of quantum computing.

First efficient quantum computer

We provide and continuously extend a quantum-proof platform for secure use of quantum computing. It is paramount for us to ensure that the Partisia Platform remains quantum proof unlike most of the currently applied cryptography.

The Partisia Platform already supports quantum computing such as quantum communication through advanced key distribution. The biggest R&D task is to develop MPC based quantum computing based on years of basic research by co-founders of Partisia.

R&D focal points

At the forefront of Quantum Computing research and development, our team serves as a pivotal focal point in advancing the boundaries of this transformative field. With a dedication to innovation and exploration, we are shaping the future of quantum technologies and driving impactful solutions.


Quantum ressilience is paramount to guaranteeing that the first efficient quantum computer does not breach our current digital systems and data. NIST has taken a significant lead on this effort through global competitions on developing quantum proof cryptography such as PICNIC and FAEST co-developed by Partisia co-founders. While MPC is a quantum proof type of cryptography, it is likewise paramount for us to ensure that Partisia delivers quantum proof cryptography entirely.


Quantum communication is real but limited by laws of physics. Securing communication channels is fundamental for any type of secure communication - a problem that cannot be solved with Quantum Computation - hence, quantum proof  authentication is evident. Partisia is developing advanced MPC based key management solutions for quantum communication via both cables and satellites.


Quantum computing is and will be broad to the world by large quantum computing facilities. This is a classical computational outsourcing of computations and addressing data security is crucial. Partisia co-founders have worked on this task for years and the basic results suggest that the way quantum computing works is an ideal match to MPC as the added computational overhead is very low. This is a major medium and long run R&D strategic focal point for Partisia.

Invest in Quantum Computing with Partisia

As pioneers in this groundbreaking field, we offer unparalleled opportunities to be at the forefront of quantum innovation. Join us in shaping tomorrow's digital landscape and unlocking the vast potential of quantum computing.

It is paramount to ensure that our protocols are quantum computing resilient

Quantum computing is a paradigm that will  unlock limitless possibilities, but without the right security measures in place the consequences may be dire.

Claudio Orlandi, Professor Chief Cryptographic Protocol Designer, Partner
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Shaping the future of technology

Discover Substance through our dynamic R&D projects, strategic partnerships, and innovative product sketches. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives groundbreaking advancements, shaping the future of technology.

R&D Projects, Partnerships and sketched products

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We are working on some very exciting projects and global partnerships in 2024.

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Artificial Intelligence

Data is the oil and although large language models trained on publicly available data are very popular some of the more important problems require data that are proprietary and something highly confidential and regulated.

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