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Make your business eIDAS ready with Partisia

Build end-to-end Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)applications with ease. Simplify digital identity management for your customers, employees, and stakeholders, ensuring eIDAS compliance.

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Product description

Connect people with trusted, verifiable attributes and other reliable information

Partisia Platform provides a comprehensive solution for issuing, storing and verifying Verifiable Credentials (VCs) with an infrastructure that includes SDKs, APIs, and applications.

Issue credentials

Issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs) with our easy-to-integrate infrastructure, which includes SDKs, APIs, and applications.

Store credentials

Store and manage credentials easily. Launch or integrate wallets for your organisation, employees, or customers to manage access, credentials, and tokens.

Verify credentials

Verify credentials or tokens using powerful verification policies and white-label apps.


Build or integrate with identity wallets effortlessly. White-label wallets, embedded wallets, or mobile wallets… Your need, your decision.

Case story

Swiss national decentralized identity

In 2024, Swiss citizens will vote about introducing a nationwide e-ID ecosystem. Privacy has been a core part of these discussions fostered by debates on corona passports. Partisia has worked with researchers at HES-SO Valais-Wallis on using the Partisia Blockchain as foundation for an identity system with built-in privacy. The solution is a mix of a central process for issuing IDs and a decentralized use of IDs creating the next generation of identification for every Swiss citizen.

The e-ID system provided by Partisia solves the challenges of not just authentication as a citizen, but also signing, data sharing and data ownership, such that every individual will be in full control of their data, even if the data is located on and operated by externals such as governmental institutions.

With decentralized identity, Switzerland enables citizens to verify personal information about themselves without the need of actually sharing the specific information, for example being able to verify whether a person is older or younger than a specific age restriction.

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One solution for every industry

Finance & Banking

Enhance current banking and finance applications with Next-Gen DIDs

Public sector

Launch wallets for citizens or extend eGov applications.

Tech & Software

Provide custodial wallets and storage options for individuals and organisations.

Health sector

Leverage the power of DIDs to prtect patient's privacy and enhance their experiences.

Retail & Supply chain

Introduce digital identity wallets for employees, stakeholders, or IoT devices.


Introduce wallets or enhance your current applications for students and professionals.


Expand custudy services or crypto wallets by integrating DID features.

Enable wallet-, credential-, and token-based authentication and identification. The Partisia Platform helps you adapt to regulatory challenges and to your specific need or industry.

Get started now

Unlock advanced credential management and data privacy with Partisia Platform build on robust tools and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology. Start transforming your digital identity-process today.

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