About Partisia

Welcome to a new way of working with data

We are a global pioneer in Multiparty Computation (MPC) and advanced cryptographic enforced privacy.

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A global pioneer

Partisia is a global pioneer in Multiparty Computation (MPC) and advanced cryptographic enforced privacy. Partisia has sold commercial-grade MPC software solutions since 2008 with an initial focus on secure high-stake auctions used for trading energy and spectrum licenses.

Today Partisia’s MPC solutions are the base for a range of services from key management, data activation and statistics as well as a variety of bespoke applications such as DeFi, Voting and E-cash. The commercial activities include spinouts such as Sepior which was recently acquired by Blockdaemon in 2022 and Partisia Blockchain Foundation, a Swiss foundation that governs and launches a public blockchain built by Partisia.

The story of Partisia is all about commercialising advanced cryptography addressing weak and single points of failure across digital infrastructures and applications.

We have created

More than 1050 research papers and 61 Apps, Platforms & protocols.



Proof of MPC as generic computation system by co-founder Ivan Damgård


First MPC commercial use by Founding team, landmark paper “MPC goes live”


First commercial MPC key mgt company Sepior (Exit 2022 to Blockdaemon)


Broad commercial use of MPC, auctions, key mgt, statistics etc. Overhead reduced to 1/1,000,000 first commercial use.

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Merkle Damgård hash functions by co-founder Ivan Damgård et al.


Partisia Platform with MPC First Commercial sale as platform for auctions (Private network)


Partisia Blockchain Web 3.0 mainnet live (Public network)


ZK dapps computation blockchain applications live on Partisia Blockchain (Public network)

Our Vision

Establish a new standard for secure solutions that manage confidential data across users and platforms.

Our Strategy

Focusing on innovative privacy-preserving software products that simplify and enhance our customers’ use of confidential data. The nature of the delivered software aims at simplifying and supporting regulatory compliance on behalf of our customers.

Collaborating with business partners and investors with detailed industry and end user specific knowledge in achieving our goals.

Our Brand

Our brand “PARTISIA” is a contraction of the three Latin words PARTIo, fiduS, fiducIA.

To us, Partisia means “Distributed Trust” a common expression in the related literature. Although it may seem surprising that distributed trust can be more trustworthy, this is in fact the case.

Our values


We build trust by design into software


We establish decentralized decision power


We prosper through collaboration with customers and partners


We strive for fairness internally and externally


We strive for integrity in everything we do


We enable our customers and partners to meet their objectives


We call upon the highest degree of transparency internally and externally

The purpose of our values is to ensure trustworthy internal and external collaboration that fosters fast result-oriented decision making.

Our team

35+ years of research & 15 years of commercial use

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World-renowned cryptographers (World leading crypto group)

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Experienced mgt and sales team (World leading commercial MPC pioneers)

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Highly skilled R&D and product team (One of the largest and most experienced MPC Blockchain teams in the world)

Meet the Team

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Chief Cryptographer, Partner

Ivan Damgård

Ivan is a Professor and head of the research group in cryptography at Aarhus University. Ivan is co-founder of Cryptomathic, Partisia and Sepior. He is one of the top cited and publishing researchers in cryptography, is a fellow of the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research), and received the 2015 RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics.

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Chief Executive Officer, Partner

Kurt Nielsen

Kurt combines Economics and Information Management in developing innovative it-services and businesses. He holds a PhD in Business Economics and did combined graduate studies at the University of Copenhagen, University of Toronto and UC Berkeley. He co-founded Partisia, Energiauktion.dk and Sepior,  and functions as CEO of Partisia alongside a parttime position as Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen.

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Chief Technology Officer, Partner

Peter F. Frandsen

Peter has 20 years of experience in the software development industry where he worked as a developer and a manager of both projects and people in Danish companies such as Vestas, Dansk Supermarked and Rambøll Management Consulting. Since 2017 he has worked with developing solutions based on advanced cryptographic technology in Partisia and Secata making ZK computations feasible in real world scenarios. He also serves as an external examiner for the computer sciences in Denmark.

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Chief Product Officer

Mark Medum Bundgaard

Mark has extensive experience with distributed systems in industries such as fintech, IoT and Telco. In his previous position he focused on moving millions of customers into the cloud as part of leading the distributed architecture. He has also been part of creating a new way of working with IoT.

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Vice President og Engineering

Jesper Balman Gravgaard

Jesper has extensive experience with successfully creating and operating complex software as a Director for development, operations, sales and marketing of the leading SaaS products SurveyXact and Heart&Mind with thousands of customers and millions of users. Jesper is also an external examiner on Computer Science for MSc / Bachelor of Engineering examinations in Denmark.

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Principal Engineer, Partner

Emil Bremer Orloff

Primary software developer within advanced cryptography and zero knowledge. Emil has engineered all of the recent protocols developed in Partisia including the MACE protocol as well as the core of the privacy blockchain infrastructure.

Our Offices

Denmark - Aarhus
Denmark - Copenhagen
Japan - Tokyo
Germany - Frankfurt

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Work with us?

Joining Partisia means embarking on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and impact. As a pioneer in Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC), we offer unparralleled opportunities to work at the forefront of cutting-edge technology that is reshaping industries and advancing data privacy.