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The user centric internet

Partisia develops WEB3 services and applications that empower WEB3 developers and the users of the internet using the advanced cryptography built into the Partisia Blockchain - a public WEB3 network built by Partisia and delivered to the world by Partisia Blockchain Foundation. Our WEB3 solution powers both private, public and hybrid blockchain solutions around the world.


A platform for building trust

The selective Partisia WEB3 applications utilize the built-in cryptography to empower end users with services like self-sovereign identity, privacy-preserving advertisement, decentralized exchanges and certified goods and services. This way the neutral WEB3 platform (with the built-in cryptographic tools) replaces different types of costly middlemen or services as well as avoiding data from leaking using the internet.

The selective WEB3 application has different synergies with all of the Partisia products as a platform for building trust with end users, customers and citizens. As an example, the Partisia Platform facilitates data collaboration between organizations while Partisia Blockchain facilitates interaction with the internet users. Since the business logic is the same for the two distinct networks, it is straightforward to apply both networks for different parts of an application.

Case story

Humanitarian Token Solution

Cash and vouchers are a significant part of humanitarian assistance (17,9% in 2019 or USD 5,6 billions). Cash is the most efficient type of humanitarian assistance but it is challenging to distribute cash into the hands of the most vulnerable people without loss and without exposing the recipients’ identity and hence expose them to great danger. 

Partisia has worked closely with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on creating a Humanitarian Token Solution (HTS) solution for secure and costless distribution of digital cash into the hands of the recipients. The core of the solution is a privacy-preserving Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that knows the list of recipients and holds the tokens to be distributed. Now the user can withdraw tokens, that work as cash, in a completely private way and spend the tokens with selected merchants that can redeem the tokens from ICRC via the traditional banking system. 

The solution has been tested by ICRC and is ready for real life use. Variations of the HTS solution are directly comparable to so-called CBDC solutions (Central Bank Digital Currency) but with tailored privacy.

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We built the Partisia Blockchain to advance the user centric WEB3 internet

The foundation of an unparalleled scalability and secure interoperability ensures that our MPC technology can be put to work in the next generation of the internet and grant users real control of data.

Peter F. Frandsen Chief Technology Officer, Partner
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Case story

Swiss national decentralized identity

In 2024, Swiss citizens will vote about introducing a nationwide e-ID ecosystem. Privacy has been a core part of these discussions fostered by debates on corona passports. Partisia has worked with researchers at HES-SO Valais-Wallis on using the Partisia Blockchain as foundation for an identity system with built-in privacy. The solution is a mix of a central process for issuing IDs and a decentralized use of IDs creating the next generation of identification for every Swiss citizen.

The e-ID system provided by Partisia solves the challenges of not just authentication as a citizen, but also signing, data sharing and data ownership, such that every individual will be in full control of their data, even if the data is located on and operated by externals such as governmental institutions.

With decentralized identity, Switzerland enables citizens to verify personal information about themselves without the need of actually sharing the specific information, for example being able to verify whether a person is older or younger than a specific age restriction.

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Scalable and compliant Automated Market Makers

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a promising new approach to financial solutions that works without an intermediator. The most popular solutions are the so-called Automated Market Makers (AMM) such as Uniswap. Here the user interacts directly with a smart contract and supply and demand is represented by liquidity providers that match the user’s requests.

Partisia has developed a new execution framework for AMMs that works with blockchain that are scalable by completely independent shards or across completely independent blockchain ecosystems. The framework also addresses the problem of frontrunning where the party that gets to add a given transaction to the blockchain ledger front-run the very same transaction. Using privacy-preserving computation, the user’s transaction is kept hidden until the transaction is fully executed and hence cannot be manipulated with. 

Collectively, the execution framework addresses a number of the interoperability, scalability and regulatory concerns with DeFi and allows for a more broad adoption of DeFi.

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Product decription

WEB3 can be directly integrated with Partisia Platform and Products

The set of WEB3 applications or products may run entirely on the public network or utilise the smooth interoperability between the Partisia Network (private network - A network controlled by few invited node operators) and Partisia Blockchain (public network - a self-governed public network controlled by self-assigned node operators that passes the public requirements). Examples of private and public selective WEB3 applications are:

Self-sovereign identity, where the issue of identity can be controlled by the organizations in charge of issuing identity and where the use of the identity can be applied through the public Partisia Blockchain network. 

Certified goods and services, where certificates are issued by the organizations in charge of the goods and services and where the use of the certificates is governed by the public Partisia Blockchain network.

Privacy-preserving advertisement, where the user's privacy-preserving activates personal preference information to become part of the value chain of personalized advertisement.  

Decentralized exchanges, where users get to trade without traditional middlemens in a secure and efficient way and where service providers get to offer DeFi solutions in a more flexible and compliant way.

Confidential sharing of cybersecurity breaches, where cybersecurity breaches (as “indicators of compromise”) are confidentially shared among good actors to combat cybersecurity attacks with early sharing of highly confidential intelligence.

  • Neutral WEB3 platform cryptographic secure settling of digital trades

  • Neutral WEB3 platform cryptographic secure and private self-sovereign identity

  • Neutral WEB3 platform for use of preference data in internet services from advertisement to automated trading

  • Neutral WEB3 platform for certifying goods and services

  • Publicly available network

  • Public ledger and state machine

  • Digital money directly accessible

  • Ad hoc use of MPC

  • Can be directly integrated with Partisia Platform and Products

  • The internet is controlled by global enterprises

  • My data is shared with internet service providers

  • Costly intermediators for exchanging goods and services

  • Impossible to access certain privacy protected data

  • Costly compliant use of GDPR regulated data

  • Managing identity information

  • Managing preference data online

  • Neutral management of online data

WEB3 Use cases

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Soulbound tokens

Soulbound tokens is a new token standard for carrying and activating data about an individual user across WEB3 services. The soulbound token standard concerns public information only so the core Partisia value proposition is to extend this standard to manage private information. This is a major difference that places the soulbound token at the very center of services like self-sovereign identity, online advertisement or even data exchange solutions. 

The combination of a confidential soulbound token solution delivered through the public network and a confidential collaboration among organizations through a private network, forms a highly scalable setup for many use cases. Collectively, this combined public-private network solution may be the foundation for nationwide digital infrastructure from identification, signing as well as advanced data collaboration.

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Health data activation

Activating health data is crucial for the next wave of innovation within the healthcare system globally. Continuous sensor data are essential for timely decision support to prevent diseases by the individual citizen. High quality individual clinical data are instrumental for developing new treatment and for continuously assessing cost efficient use of existing treatment. In all cases, the best data are also the most sensitive data and great care is required to put these data to work.

This use case may require the full suite of Partisia products from My Data Activation and Confidential Computing to WEB3 applications for coordinating collaboration among data providers and data users. 

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Automobile services

The automobile industry is in the midst of a huge digital transformation addressing everything from transiting away from the composting engine to self-driving automobiles and better management of congestion in traffic systems. All of it requires a lot of sensitive data and supply chain coordination on one side and trusted services to the individual car owner or user. 

Confidential collaboration across a private network of independent supply chain companies is essential creating the data and analytical foundation and direct interaction with end users on a public network enable new services. One example is to provide car specific information to the individual user including immutable numbers like proof of mileage, service and ownership. Another example is services that use the data to predict maintenance.


How to deploy?

The Partisia Blockchain is operated by a global network of node operators and is directly available 24/7. WEB3 applications utilize the network via smart contracts that are stored and executed by the network immediately. Hence deployment is reduced to deploying a smart contract. The selected WEB3 applications are services consisting of one or more interconnected smart contracts.

Our products

Solutions to activate sensitive data anywhere

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Key Management

Partisia Key Management solution protects encryption keys, certificates and secrets for your whole infrastructure.

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My Data Activation

My Data Activation is a GDPR-compliant solution designed to consent use of private data using the Partisia Platform.

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Confidential Computing

Imagine being able to do computations on all data in the world, while still protecting the privacy of the information.