My Data Activation

Empower your private data

GDPR-compliant consented use of private data.

Activating my private data

My Data Activation is a set of services that empowers individuals as citizens, patients or customers and facilitates a new way for activating sensitive and personal data. The GDPR-compliant solution provides self-sovereign identity, provable consent and confidential use of private data using the Partisia Platform.

Auditable consent module activates data directly from the user outside or within organizations. Confidential use enables rich data activation in statistical and AI services across independent data sources.

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Let's talk about My Data Activation - Full video 2:32 mins.

Case Study


The Data For Care consortium is one of the participants in an EU funded pre-procurement project called CRANE. The Purpose of the consortium is to design, develop and test a radically new technological solution to revolutionize the way personal data are collected, stored and accessed in the health domain. The solution will facilitate citizens' collection of self monitored health data in a platform where the citizens retain control over their data while supporting the ethical use of data for fostering the single market of digital health products and leveraging analysis on data for policy making and health policy planning. 

We are building this novel solution with the Data for Good foundation,  and tailor all of the My Data Activation features from consent to privacy-preserving activation of data. The Data For Good Foundation functions as the data controller that organizes the network of node operators and service providers that deploy the solution.  

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My Data Activation is designed to make the transition towards data empowerment smooth and effective

We enable organizations to be at the forefront by simplifying compliance and to utilize the regulation to align and empower the users as key stakeholders both operationally and strategically.

Kim Nørskov Director of Product Management
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Product decription

My Data Activation is a GDPR-compliant solution designed to consent use of private data about identified users across services and platforms.

The underlying Partisia Platform provides all of the required transparency and privacy to comply with GDPR both for simple use within a single organisation and for advance use across organisations and independent data sources. 

My Data Activation consists primarily of a consent module and a data activation module. 

The auditable consent module activates data directly from the user outside or within organisations. Through API integration the consent module turns existing consent into cryptographic immutable and auditable consent. 

The privacy-preserving data activation module extends the use of consent to user controlled privacy. The data activation module ensures privacy throughout the data life cycle by: 

a) encrypting data before it leaves the data source

b) ensuring that data stays encrypted while used in statistical and AI services

c) ensuring that the result is delivered confidentially to the right user

GDPR is a new type of data protection that has been adopted throughout the world and fosters an era that is changing most information solutions to include and empower the individual user of digital services.

My Data Activation is designed to make the transition towards data empowerment smooth and effective. We enable organizations to be at the forefront by simplifying compliance and to utilize the regulation to align and empower the users as key stakeholders both operationally and strategically.

The data empowerment removes barriers that infringe on data access and foster more use of confidential data for more qualified and faster decision making. 

The goal of My Data Activation is that data protection regulation does not lead to less but rather to more use of highly valuable personal information empowered and controlled by the individual users for the greater good.

  • GDPR-compliant solution

  • User controlled consent stored via dedicated consent wallet

  • Consent logs are fully immutable, and the solution ensures the services only have access to they are allowed to

  • Consent are fully auditable and can be easily accessed via dedicated interface for users and organizations

  • Consent is signed by the users along with the consent question, giving cryptographic proof of who gave consent to what at which time. 

  • Consent is easily integrated with existing on-premise consent 

  • Data activated by consents and only consented data will be delivered

  • The built-in privacy-preserving computation enhance data access for more enriched insight

  • The user centric consent solution enables other built-in services like Single-Sign-On (SSO) for correct identification across services.

  • Costly compliant use of GDPR regulated data

  • Costly mitigation for non-compliant use af data

  • Loss of reputation by non-compliant use of data

  • Costly compliant transparency and accountability regulation from GDPR and AI act to Open Finance and Digital Markets Act 

  • Establish overview of consents

  • Transparent use of data/consents

  • Costly access to high quality individual data

  • Impossible to access certain unutilized data

  • Audibility processes of consents is time consuming and require lots of log and process documentation to validate authenticity of audit trail

  • GDPR Article 15 Citizens requests are answered across organization sections and IT-systems.  

  • Low conversion since users choose not to consent, due to lack of trust and transparency 

  • Users self collected data is scattered and unused.

Case Study


Partisia is along with The data for good foundation, part of the MicCheck consortium to develop technology solutions and tools that anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of people with multimorbidity by ensuring timely service access, co-managed care journeys and transitions between specialties and sectors. Partisia delivers the underlying consent platform to ensure trust and control from the citizens, and a strong audit trail of health data use. The consent platform is based on an immutable blockchain ledger holding all consents and signatures from the consenting citizen. We also deliver a single sign on service to ensure identification across services. Via these two components we enable interoperability between the service providers, and ease the movement of health data

The project is a EU funded pre-procurement project called Carematrix.

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How to deploy?

Scenarium 1:
Customer deploy and operate the network as a single entity: The customer downloads the software and deploys with a single click a network controlled entirely by the customer …

Scenarium 2:
Customer join an operational network as node operator: The customer gets invited to the existing network and downloads the software deployed with a single click …

Scenarium 3:
Customer join an operational network: Here the starting point is that there already exists a network of node operators that run the Partisia Platform and My Data Activation. This reduces the integration to simply integrate the APIs or build tailored services using the built-in smart contract language.  

Our products

Solutions to activate sensitive data anywhere

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Key Management

Partisia Key Management solution protects encryption keys, certificates and secrets for your whole infrastructure.

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Confidential Computing

Imagine being able to do computations on all data in the world, while still protecting the privacy of the information.

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Our WEB3 solution powers both private, public and hybrid blockchain solutions around the world.