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The core infrastructure governs confidential use of data and the product suite addresses data management and security almost anywhere.

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Key Management

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Key management should be scalable and secure using cloud-native approaches, where organisations can easily deploy the Partisia Key Management Service (KMS) solution to protect encryption keys, certificates and secrets for your whole infrastructure.

Our KMS is a full drop-in replacement for any HSM solutions currently used in the industry today as well as other key management solutions.

Stay complient

My Data Activation

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My Data Activation is a GDPR-compliant solution designed to consent use of private data using the Partisia Platform. The auditable consent module activates data directly from the user outside or within organizations.

Privacy-preserving computation enables rich data activation in statistical and AI services across independent data sources.

Protected data

Confidential Computing

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Imagine being able to do computations on all the world's data, while still protecting the privacy of the information.

Data stays encrypted at rest, in transit and with confidential computing, even in use, to comply with the strictest regulations and to enable collaboration without compromise. All companies today operate on data that should or are required to stay confidential.

Empowering developers


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Partisia develops WEB3 services and applications that empower WEB3 developers and the users of the internet using the advanced cryptography built into the Partisia Blockchain - a public WEB3 network built by Partisia and delivered to the world by Partisia Blockchain Foundation.

Our WEB3 solution powers both private, public and hybrid blockchain solutions around the world.

Research and development

What will the future bring?

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The biggest task for companies today is the data responsibility.

Safeguarding sensitive information while ensuring ethical and compliant data practices to earn and maintain trust.

Ivan Damgård Chief Cryptographer, Partner
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Artificial Intelligence

Data is the oil and although large language models trained on publicly available data are very popular some of the more important problems require data that are proprietary and something highly confidential and regulated.

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Quantum Computing

We provide and continuously extend a quantum-proof platform for secure use of quantum computing. It is paramount for us to ensure that the Partisia Platform remains quantum proof unlike most of the currently applied cryptography.