Key Management

Hybrid Cloud Key Management

Partisia Key Management enables cloud-native approaches, where organisations can easily deploy the solution to protect encryption keys, certificates and secrets for your whole infrastructure.

Cloud-native, easily deployable solution

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Let's talk about Key Management - Full video 2:30 mins

Key management is a critical part of data security and encryption and plays a pivotal role in protecting sensitive data such as keys, certificates and operational secrets. Most companies run highly complex HSM systems, which creates challenges for the modern world of hybrid cloud solutions.

Partisia Key Management provides a unique enterprise key management solution, which solves the challenge of “Bring Your Own Key” requirements, without running a full operational HSM setup or being dependent on a specific cloud provider.

Partisia Key Management runs as a cloud-native, easily deployable solution seamlessly integrating with all on-premise and cloud solutions with the highest standard of enterprise integrations and operations and provides the newest standards in Post Quantum Secure key encryption both in the cloud and on any on-premise solutions.

Key management done better

Managing cryptographic keys is native operations in the cloud - our platform is built for the cloud and is exposing the core infrastructure feature for working with keys. This gives businesses access to full programmable, flexible and scalable key infrastructure as a software service.

Peter F. Frandsen Chief Technology Officer, Partner
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Hybrid Cloud Key Management:

Partisia Key Management for hybrid cloud manages  all of your encryption keys, in a unified and scalable way. The system can be deployed anywhere, providing a simple and intuitive solution for generating, managing and orchestrating encryption keys. Partisia Key Management uses post-quantum secure key protocols, such that any encryption is secure from any attacks in the future.

Partisia Key Management scales vertically to any cloud and supports DevOps and SecOps by providing enterprise single sign-on support and access controls. Any service running in your hybrid infrastructure can receive keys using standard APIs either supported by cloud providers or directly from the Partisia Key Management.

Partisia Key Management supports hybrid cloud deployments and is a direct replacement for running any HSM solutions. The system supports running alongside your current HSM solution, to migrate keys in a secure fashion.

Fault tolerant, disaster recovery, high availability, jurisdiction management of keys.

Enterprise lifecycle management of keys through an intuitive UI or through Command Line Interface (CLI) automation.

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When to use it?

Safe Sign

Asynchronous offline key generation and offline transaction signing using Secure Multiparty Computation with the Partisia Platform. By making it possible to generate offline key signatures for keys between fully offline devices, such as smartphones and other devices. Those keys can be used to sign transactions and behaviours using QR codes as communication. Provable and secure signing of any transaction.

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Product decription

Integrates seamlessly with both on-premise and cloud providers

With Partisia Key Management we enable customers to operate fluidly with keys, certificates and secrets in the modern hybrid cloud industry today. We provide full control for every customer, such that they can run and operate keys, certificates and secrets with the utmost security and compliance for their operations. Partisia Key Management integrates seamlessly with both on-premise and cloud providers, enabling full scalability across clouds, even on availability and region level.

Customers can seamlessly generate their own keys and bring them into use for any service running in their infrastructure, using secure APIs or cloud providers' standard external KMS integrations. Customers retain full control over all keys in the system, providing a new cloud-native solution to Bring Your Own Key requirements, this removes the barrier of the need to purchase HSM systems and provides a much-needed easier path for running key management at scale.

Partisia key management enables cloud-native approaches, where organisations can easily deploy the Partisia KMS (Key Management Service) solution to protect encryption keys, certificates and secrets for your whole infrastructure. Finally, KMS is scalable and secure as it should be.

  • Full automation when scaling to any datacenter and cloud

  • Full audibility of any key interactions 

  • Disaster recovery of all keys, even in the event of a breach of any systems

  • Enterprise lifecycle management of keys through an intuitive UI or through Command Line Interface (CLI )automation

  • Easy integration with external systems eg. CMDB, CI/CD systems, Clouds etc.

  • Securely generate, store, and use cryptographic keys, certificates and secrets

  • Highest standard of compliance, supporting and expanding on new regulations

  • Reduced complexity of all key management

  • Current HSM-based solutions are costly and very inflexible

  • Delivery of HSM-based solution takes months

  • HSM solutions uses proprietary hardware from single vendors

  • HSM solutions are tricky to scale and require multiple boxes isolated on multiple different datacenter locations

  • Redundancy is very expensive

  • HSM does not provide flexibility in operations, it is also scaled by buying more hardware

  • HSM solutions operate on expensive dedicated fiber connections

  • Automation of HSM systems across data centers and cloud is challenging and very costly

  • Current solution needs require many different implementations for setting up across the cloud

Case Study

Global Secure Data

Partisia has partnered with TrustStamp around the joint product Global Secure Data for simple and secure encryption of data across jurisdictions.

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Opportunities in multiple industries and sectors

Key Management sectors

  • Governments

  • Insurance companies

  • Banking services

  • Self monitoring healthcare providers

  • Data Management companies

  • Sports

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How to deploy?

Scenario 1:
Customer deploy and operate the network as a single entity: The customer downloads the software and deploys with a single click a network controlled entirely by the customer …

Scenario 2:
Customer join an operational network as node operator: The customer gets invited to the existing network and downloads the software deployed with a single click.

Scenario 3:
Customer join an operational network: Here the starting point is that there already exists a network of node operators that run the Partisia Platform and Key Management. This reduces the integration to simply integrate the APIs or build tailored services using the built-in smart contract language. 

Our products

Solutions to activate sensitive data anywhere

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My Data Activation

My Data Activation is a GDPR-compliant solution designed to consent use of private data using the Partisia Platform.

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Confidential Computing

Imagine being able to do computations on all data in the world, while still protecting the privacy of the information.

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Our WEB3 solution powers both private, public and hybrid blockchain solutions around the world.